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Meet and Greet Volunteers


As someone put it- we deal with anything that comes through the front door, from distressed folks visiting sick loved ones, to those anxious about an upcoming appointment or others who are unhappy about the parking situation. What ever the case, we always greet them with a reassuring smile and understanding regarding their particular situation and often see a difference in their composure because of it.

Most of the questions have to do with appointment destinations and where to find them or patient room numbers which have recently been transferred to a central location reached by a nearby phone. But there is a never ending surprise of new questions and old, like is there a bank machine, where is the cafeteria, where do I pay my medical bill, and where is Medical Records.

We transfer papers from ER to the different floors, help people to ER who are too ill to take themselves there, wheel some out to their cars if walking is a problem, report suspicious characters to Security and other situations.

Generally it is a positive and satisfying position that I think benefits the hospital and those entering it.


Langley Memorial Hospital Auxiliary - 22051 Fraser Highway, Langley, B.C.
604-514-6161 - auxiliary.lmh@fraserhealth.ca